Terms & Conditions

We make the best for our clients.
Questions for about Customers
  • Booking
    For information you can contact the Hotel Reception by phone or via e-mail. Reservations can be made by sending a written request to the email address reservation@golfhotelcastelconturbia.it or by telephone. Rates are daily (per night) regardless of the time of entry. The arrangement agreed upon at the time of booking remains valid for the entire period of stay.
  • Deposit
    A valid credit card is required to guarantee the reservation. No deposit will be charged at time of booking. The payment will be settled at check out. A valid credit card is required for the payment of the total cost of the reservation of non refundable rates.
  • Standard cancellation policy
    The booking confirmation indicates the deadline for canceling or modifying refundable reservations free of charge. After this deadline, changes or cancellations may be charged. Unfortunately, non-refundable reservations cannot be changed or canceled without charge. Always check your booking confirmation for specific cancellation policies. If your booking was made through an online travel agency such as Booking.com or Expedia, please make any changes or cancellations through their platform, as they may have different terms and conditions.
  • Price and payments
    When you book a hotel room, the agreed price is inclusive of VAT and any supplements, unless otherwise specified. However, local taxes, meals, drinks and other items they are not included in the price, unless specified. The tourist tax, if applicable, will be indicated in the booking confirmation. In the event of changes in tax rates between the reservation and the stay, the price at the time of service will apply, even if it increases compared to the initial price of the reservation. We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and require a security deposit at check-in, refundable at check-out if there is no damage to the room. In case of further questions, our staff is available to customers.
Questions for about Resort
  • Check-in, Check-out
    We want our guests' stay to be as peaceful as possible, so here are some important details to keep in mind:
    • Check-in and check-out times are shown on our website and in your booking confirmation.
    • If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the reception.
    • If you need to leave early, please check our cancellation policy for possible charges.
  • Meals
    The arrangement agreed upon at the time of booking remains valid for the entire period of stay: - BED & BREAKFAST (B&B): the overnight stay includes the room and breakfast: meals taken will be charged extra. The B&B treatment does not include meals, with the exception of breakfast, served in the breakfast room located in the Club House, with the exclusion of drinks and all drinks at the bar. Customers cannot take food or drinks out of the restaurant. The hotelier is not required to serve meals outside the scheduled times and places. - HALF BOARD (HB): includes the room, breakfast and dinner, excluding drinks and everything not included in the daily list. Meals not included will therefore be charged extra. It is not possible to have lunch instead of dinner. The hotelier is not required to serve meals outside the scheduled times and places.
  • Behavior & Smoking
    Guests will not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous or illicit acts. Smoking is permitted only on the outdoor spaces or dedicated guestrooms. Each time smoking will be detected in non-smoking areas or rooms, a cleaning fee of Euros 300,00 will be charged.
  • Damage or loss of personal property
    Each hotel room has a safe where you can store your personal belongings. The Golf Hotel Castelconturbia is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of personal objects, even if kept in the safe. If you forget your personal effects at the hotel, contact the relevant hotel as soon as possible. It is the customer's responsibility to collect personal effects or goods left at the hotel.
  • Privacy
    Golf Hotel Castelconturbia collects some personal data at the time of booking and during your stay at the hotels. This personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Golf Hotel Castelconturbia. For more information on the processing of personal data and your rights, please see our Privacy Policy.